On the Benefits of Being a Structural Engineer

Being a structural engineer comes with certain benefits.

For one, as a structural engineer, your work is highly visible. The structures you put up will always be visible, for all people to see. And every time you see a structure standing tall, and you know that you are the one who designed it, your heart is filled with joy. So, in this regard, there is great career satisfaction in structural engineering.

Secondly, as a structural engineer, you end up being a highly respected member of the society. People are bound to accord you some respect, whenever they see the structures you put up, especially if those are beautiful structures that have withstood the test of time.

Thirdly, as a structural engineer, you stand to earn decent sums of money. It is highly unlikely that you would suffer from want of material things, if you have good structural engineering skills. Your bank accounts are likely to be always in good condition: to such an extent that you could start receiving unsolicited credit card offers from various banks. That is how, for instance, you would end up getting a capital one mail offer when you least expect it. This would be a situation where, in your mailbox, you receive a letter containing the capital one mail offer code which you can then use to apply for a credit card. Then you realize that it would have been very hard for you to be getting such offers, if it wasn’t for your structural engineering skills (and the earnings you get on account of such skills).

Fourthly, you realize that structural engineering skills are always in demand.

And fifth, you realize that with solid structural engineering skills, you can get work pretty much anywhere in the world. So this is not like, say, the legal field where your skill are only useful when you are within the nation where you were admitted to the bar. With structural engineering skills, the demand is global, and that can be a huge advantage.

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