How to Tell If You Were Meant to be an Engineer

There are several ways in which you can get to know if you were meant to be an engineer. Before venturing out to pursue an engineering career, it is important for you to know if, in the first place, you were meant to be an engineer. If you weren’t meant to be an engineer, but you still push yourself to pursue an engineering career, you will end up encountering certain difficulties. The engineering studies may, for one, prove too hard for you – if you weren’t meant to be an engineer. But even if you somehow manage to complete the engineering studies, chances are that you’d end up being bored with engineering work.

You know that you were meant to be an engineer if:

  1. You naturally find math easy: conversely, if you are one of those people who really struggle with math, you will definitely find it hard to cope with engineering studies. You may actually end up having to drop out.
  2. You have a natural affinity for the physical sciences: so the physical sciences in question here include physics and chemistry, which form the basis for things like material science. If you struggle with such sciences, it will be very hard for you to cope with engineering studies.
  3. You naturally have curiosity to know how things work: you could be one of those folks who like opening things up, to see the components and try to understand how the components work together. Even online, such folks are interested in trying to understand how various processes pan out. This is like where you may give one such person a gift card, and refer them to (the portal where they can manage the gift card online). But once they get to the portal (at, they end up spending a lot of time, even after checking their card’s balance – as they try to figure out how the portal works. If you are one such person, then you probably were meant to be an engineer. You will definitely find the engineering studies easy, because engineering studies revolve around trying to figure out how things work — and making things work.
  4. You have a natural affinity for pushing projects through: an engineer is not just a lab-based designer. An engineer is also a project manager. Therefore if, on top of being naturally good in math and physical sciences, you also have an affinity for pushing projects through, you will have an easier time working as an engineer. Remember, pushing projects through isn’t easy. It often entails having to clash with people, and deal with lots of nastiness. But there are folks who thrive on such, and they tend to succeed at engineering work – especially field engineering work.

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