5 Strategies to Help You Complete Engineering Projects On Time

The success of your engineering firm depends, to a great extent, on your ability to consistently complete projects on time. If you develop a reputation for completing projects on time, you will get many clients and your engineering firm will be successful. Conversely, if you develop a reputation for not completing projects on time, clients […]

3 Ways to Maximize Your Engineering Firm’s Revenues

Having managed to set up an engineering firm, one of the challenges you will be facing is that of maximizing the firm’s revenues. If an engineering firm doesn’t generate reasonably high revenues, it won’t be sustainable. An engineering firm has to generate enough revenues to cover its operating expenses, and leave some profit for the […]

Career Options for a Graduate Engineer

What are the career options for a graduate engineer? This is a question that comes up frequently, in the course of career counseling sessions for engineering students. It is an easy question to answer: thanks to the fact that there are so many (real) opportunities available to graduate engineers. In this regard, engineering is different […]

4 Things You Need to Have When Setting Up an Engineering Firm

Many upcoming engineers have dreams of having their own engineering firms someday. It is therefore not surprising that many of them are always keen on knowing what is required, to set up such firms. Whenever I talk to upcoming engineers, one of them is bound to ask me about the process of setting up an […]